Emergency Response

All things considered, diving is amazingly safe. Nevertheless, the unexpected can happen. When it does, the outcome may hinge on just how well you are prepared.

This is why we offer several courses that focus on emergency preparedness. Some of these courses, such as First Aid/CPR, is training everyone should have, whether they dive or not.

Rescue Diver


Beginning diver courses generally limit emergency skill training to self rescue and tired diver assists. This is why the Rescue Diver course provides important follow-on training. It not only covers how to respond to a wide variety of diving emergencies, but also how to prevent them. More…

First Aid/CPR Course


Basic first aid and CPR skills are not only something every diver should have, they are something every person should have. How long has it been since you updated your first aid/CPR training? (Have you ever even been trained in these critical skills?) More…

Oxygen Provider Course


Administering oxygen is among the most critical aspects of providing first aid for diving injuries. Yet the proper and safe administration of O2 is a skill that goes far beyond what is covered in Rescue Diver training. It is why we also offer a comprehensive Oxygen Provider course. More…