Becoming certified consists of three phases:

  • Orientation and Self Study
  • Academic Review/Confined-Water Training
  • Open Water Training

Orientation and Self Study

To get started, you’ll meet with one of our staff for your scuba orientation when we will answer questions about your training. We will also review your class schedule, and fit your equipment for class.

Academic Review/Confined-Water Training

Once you have completed your home study you join us for academic review and pool sessions.

Pool Diving

  • In the classroom, your instructor will review the information you’ve gained by working through the self-study materials. He or she will bring this information to life with first-hand examples of how divers apply this information on dive vacations and here at home. Discussions with your instructor and fellow students help you learn and add to the enjoyment.
  • In the pool, your instructor will demonstrate and have you practice diving’s fundamental skills. Like all aspects of learning to dive, pool sessions are fun and enjoyable. They increase your comfort level and make the transition to open water diving easier.

When you’ve completed your academic review and confined-water training, you’ll be ready for the final and most important phase of earning your entry-level diver certification: your open water training dives.

Open Water Training

Ocean Diving

Open water training consists of five dives conducted over two days. Each of the sessions consists of the opportunity to apply the skills you mastered in the pool, and to make a guided dive under the supervision of your instructor and his or her assistants. As far as open water training goes, you have three options:

  • During warmer weather, you can join us at nearby Pearl Lake for a weekend of open water training.
  • Throughout the year, Big Kahuna Scuba conducts long-weekend and week-long trips to some of diving’s most popular resort destinations. Many of our students elect to complete their certification dives during the first two days of these trips and then continue diving for fun.
  • If you already have a vacation planned to a warm-water destination anywhere in the world, we can provide you with referral paperwork so that you can complete your training at the dive destination of your choice.

Once you’ve completed your academic review, confined and open water training, you’ll be awarded Open Water Diver certification, your ticket to a lifetime of diving adventure.


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